An Easy Decision

Today is a little bit about me. Something that most of you reading probably wouldn't know unless we speak regularly. First thing, I am not someone who voluntarily welcomes change. I love knowing that is coming and I feel most confident and comfortable when I know what is in my path. To say the least, I [...]

Just Keep Swimming…

Do you ever have a day that just feels like a dead end? What am I doing? Am I going in the right direction? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing that I'm not doing today? Am I doing any of this right? Am I even questioning myself correctly? ...Welcome to [...]

How do you do?

Welcome to our space. I’m Lindsay. I have a long list of obsessions including but not limited to: current events and gossip, reality television, the feeling of getting into clean sheets and new socks, delicious (and sometimes healthy) foods, AdvoCare Spark, good books, great deals, greater girlfriends, and anything else that might catch my attention on [...]