Our Little Slice of Heaven

Well – I have another “before” post for you all today.

For those of you that don’t know, at the end of 2014, we bought our first home! Woohoo! Shrieks, screams, shouting is totally appropriate for this!

We’ve been loving our home, and have been working tirelessly for the last six months or so on decorating a house (coming from an apartment) and slowly making it our own.

While there are a TON of projects I have in mind… don’t tell her that…. and I’m going to try my best to keep you all updated here as well as look for some ideas or opinions on what I’m thinking, so I need you all to be helpful and honest, while still being nice…okay?

I thought I’d start today by showing you some before pictures of the house. These were the ones that were used as the marketing material for the sale, so they’re dated from early last year, but this is how it looked when we bought it.


Outside : Front and back yard

frontback yard

*Note: It’s hard to see, but in the front yard, there was this awkward pile/leftover dirt/moss mess that looked like a grave. I have already dug that up, and planted some beautiful lily bulbs that I found BURIED in that mess! Can you believe it?! Someone buried lilies, a tree stump, and a whole lot of other junk…thankfully – nothing that would make it an ACTUAL grave site. Also – big plans have ALREADY started in the back yard…because really?!?!?! I don’t need to explain much about this ugly ass disaster.


First Floor:  Living Room – Kitchen

living roomkitchen

The Living Room has this great looking hardwood floors, and then you move to the kitchen and they used this stupid slate tile. The problem is, it appears to be laid on top – therefore there is a ledge that makes everything a little uneven (you can see a bit of an example near the fireplace as they did the same thing there). I’ll get some more pictures of that later.
The kitchen is beautiful. However, the refrigerator has since been replaced, and the cabinets are going to get an overhaul. I love the dark cherry floors and dark granite counters, I do not love the dark floor, dark counters, dark cabinets dark dark dark…you get the idea. So lighter and UP they will go 😉

I’ll post some “decor” afters this week to show the difference furniture and curtains can make.


First Floor : Dining Room – Stairs – Powder Room

dining roompowderroom

One of the best parts of this house is the first floor is completely open. You can see in the above pictures that the front door leads directly into a little foyer for shoes, the stairs are to the right, and the living room, kitchen, and dining room are all straight ahead. I love that no matter where you are on the first floor you can see/hear/visit with whoever is present The dining room is a direct extension from the kitchen, however is a tad bit separated to still have a space difference. The Powder Room on the first floor is quite bland and typical. Pedestal sink, mirror, and toilet. We’ll be painting in there to add some dimension for sure. The stairs look much slimmer here than they feel in real life. One of the benefits of this house was the freshly laid carpet on the stairs and throughout the 2nd story. The color is less “creamy” than it looks in this picture on the stairs, but less purple than it looks in the pictures below. It’s a bit grey in person.


Upstairs : Master – Master Bath – Master Closet – Guest Room – Jack&Jill Bathroom – Office

mastermasterbathmaster closet

The Master bedroom is hardly shown in this view, but has a few nice big windows, overlooks the back yard, and has a huge attached bath (again, size not fairly shown here) and master closet. That thing needs some organizational help. How do you organize your closet best? Racks? Shelves? Built ins? HELP a girl out!


Upstairs : Guest Room – Jack&Jill Bath – Office




Last but not least, we have a guest room, jack&jill connecting bathroom and an office. The office JUST got some goodies, but the guest room and guest bath are so rarely used, I MIGHT admit to a blow up mattress making an appearance in there since we purchased. Although it’s not GREAT, it works for those last minute guests who stay a little too late and just want to sleep. 🙂 Not shown is the hallway upstairs, super open, airy, big windows, a closet, and our “laundry room”. I’ll include those pictures next time.

So there you have it. Our little slice of heaven. While it doesn’t have EVERYTHING, it has everything we need for now..and it’s starting to really feel like ours. 🙂

What DIY advice do you have for me? Any tips or tricks you wish you’d known? I look forward to hearing what you can come up with…lord knows I need the help.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Our Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Iris Turner says:

    I Love your home as is. Except the back yard and would love to help it grow as you would like it to be. Have hands and ready to work. Also Home Depot and many improvement stores and sites have closet maker cabinets, shelves, etc. Make the closets work for you and your stuff. A must.

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