Mother’s Day

Every year, these holidays come around to celebrate the most important people in our lives.
Today just happens to be dedicated to the mamas out there, and let me tell you – this one is probably my favorite.

Mother’s Day is a celebration to me of the path and the journey I’ve personally had so far with my own mama.

You see – I was the first to arrive and shake her world. I was the first to teach her what being a mama is even all about…and I feel pretty blessed to have been her test. My sister came next, only 13 months later. And my mama? Did it all on her own. Note: my family is built of some of the strongest ladies I know. To say my mama was a single one is correct, but I was definitely not raised by just one of them. My mama, my Grandma and my aunts all served as a strong female presence and were always around to help out. Because with 2 kids under the age of 1.5, mine sure had her hands full.

My brother was only 3 short years later, and he completed our little circle and my family as I knew it. My very own mama had to be strong for her tribe. She worked as much and as often as she could, and worked HARD to make sure that we were safe, we were happy, and we were sheltered from the most scary realities of being young cubs.

The truth is, we didn’t know that she sacrificed precious memories and moments with us to give us the best possible. We didn’t know that those Christmas presents that we asked for were a years worth of planning and saving, or that the jar that just shattered all over the kitchen full of jam, was homemade and was the LAST straw before a possible break down. We didn’t know that the mushrooms that grew out back at grandmas in the woods were not safe to eat, as the one’s mom grew in her garden were safely and firmly grown for eating purposes. Life was always changing and often felt scattered, but the base of knowing how much she cared and worked for us was never unnoticed.


So today – we celebrate you mom, this lady right here – because without her there would be no me. Without her I would not have this nugget of a sister or my twin baby (little huge) brother. Without her I wouldn’t know how to combat trials and tribulations. I wouldn’t know what it is to be an independent, strong, and selfless provider and woman. I wouldn’t know how it feels to be loved by someone SO undeniably and in the same breath I wouldn’t know how precious time is and how to always mean what you say and say what you mean. Family is forever, and I’m thankful I’ve learned that from you and that I was blessed with such a strong leader and role model growing up. My only hope and wish is that someday I will be as fabulous and loving as you were to me, and that my nuggets and my tribe will feel the same devoted, committed, and lively spirit that you instilled in me, through me.

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