My heart hurts.

Life has a funny way of saying LOOK!

With all of the chaos happening all over the world in the last few days, it takes things down a notch, and makes me really look hard at what matters : I woke up today. I am safe in my environment.
Whether I was an innocent bystander or living in a country of constant chaos, I am safe. Not everyone can say that, and that could change tomorrow.

This isn’t about countries and faiths divided anymore.
This is about loving each other.

Not everyone is going to feel how you feel, believe what you believe, and think what you think – what is so beautiful about this world is that THAT’S OKAY.
If we could just learn to accept each other and love on each other, I think we’d be in a different place…and until that happens, I’ll hug my loved ones a little bit tighter and pray for those who don’t have someone to do that with.



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