Heyyyyyyyy there friends.

It’s been a while…. a long while. I’ve felt a little uninspired…and in my own head…and therefore I kind of quit my social media outlets like YouTube and this blog.

It’s really easy to get sucked into whatever is going on in your mind.
To feel like you’re just being taken over by whatever is happening in your life.
To get so overwhelmed by everything going on AROUND YOU that it takes all of your energy to just deal with that and not worry about anything else.

I get it. I live it. I have anxiety and stress about it. And I hate that I let myself get sucked in by it.
…and then i remember that we’re all human and deal with the same stuff at different times in different ways and that I’m NEVER alone in this junk.

So today I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Don’t ever feel like you’re so by yourself you cut everyone you love and everything you care about out.
Those are the things and the people that will keep you going when you just CAN’T keep swimming.
Those are the things that will remind you WHO YOU ARE and what you started for to begin with.
Those are the things that will make all of the stress and the hard WORTH it.

It sounds easy now. And it seems like duh, but I get that it’s not. I get that it’s more. I get that I need you guys here, and someday you’ll need me too. So let’s do this together.

We’re never alone when we’re all together.

Until next time,

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