Hi, I’m Lindsay.


I have a long list of obsessions including but not limited to:
current events and gossip, reality television, delicious (and sometimes healthy) foods,
AdvoCare Spark, good books, great deals, greater girlfriends, and anything else that might catch my eye.

I don’t have perfect grammar and I don’t always have the right things to say,
but you can bet that I always have SOMETHING to say.
I love to share my thoughts and opinions and I like to think that I have a unique view on what I find beautiful, interesting or obnoxious, and sometimes even tasty.

I’ve decided that I need my own place to escape – my own “la la land” if you will.
Somewhere that I can go to be 100% myself.
Somewhere that I can confess my dreams and opinions.
Somewhere that I can have a sounding board.
And when you decide that you need an escape from your daily life as well, I hope you join me here.

So, welcome to my unfiltered view.
Welcome to the world through my lense.
Welcome to my Sanctuary.

It’s nice to meet you.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m in the Seattle AREA silly. I drive from the south end to the east side 5 days a week. We can obsess over each other plenty in that amount of time 😉

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