Losing to Gain

Sometimes "losing" is hard.. Let's face it...it's ALWAYS hard, unless you're talking about those last 5 pounds....... šŸ˜‰ at that point, it's enjoyable. I've found myself in a weird place in my life. I love the people around me, but I'm finding that there areĀ people who are leaving on their own choosing, or they're escorting [...]

Hello, 2015.

I hate to be the type to say, "Oh my goshhhhhh I can't believe it's already January!" or "Where did 2014 go?" ...but here I am saying it! I don't know about you all, but 2014 flew by for me..and every year it tends to go by quicker and quicker. They say that's what happens [...]

How do you do?

Welcome to our space. Iā€™m Lindsay. I have a long list of obsessions including but not limited to: current events andĀ gossip, reality television, the feeling of getting into clean sheets and new socks, delicious (and sometimes healthy) foods, AdvoCare Spark, good books, great deals, greater girlfriends, and anything else that might catch my attention on [...]